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360Wings thank you for the great explanation!

So if I want to change the headspeed to a certain XXXXrpm value in Gov. High mode I only need to remember the given tx values for that head speed and set them in the throttle curve.. Thats great since I have always changed the head speed in Set rpm via the Castle link. Nice to know when you are in the field!
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Originally Posted by 360Wings View Post
Both methods i.e. Gov. High or set RPM use exactly the same gov. routine.

The setRPM mode assigns a RPM to fixed throttle values i.e. 30%, 70% and 100% and the software translates them into a % throttle/power to send to the motor.. Using this method requires you to use castlelink to change the rpms.

Gov High/Low mode when you enter the 1,2,3, rpm values gives you an indication of the throttle % to use for the h/s entered.. You can tweak the h/s in your radio without using the castle link... Whether you use setrpm (30% = 2000rpm) or gov high (46.5% = 2000rpm) the value that gets passed to the gov. algorithm is the same.

I initially used setrpm as I didnt understand gov high. After discovering that gov. high mode allowed for the h/s to be set via the throttle % i switched over.. No difference in the governing, just saves me dragging my laptop to the field..
Best explanation yet!
Now I understand the difference, thanks!
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Thanks for the great explanation. I have a theoretical question though as this new insight on governor high had me wondering why I use SET RPM as well.

I use bailout so the first RPM I don't use as recommended by Castle. Could I have one governed RPM and the other RPM a simulated 100% flat curve by setting IU1 to 58.2%(calculated throttle by castle link) and IU2 to 100%? In theory it would by trying to govern a headspeed much higher than would ever be capable but should result in a 100% throttle output.

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Just a note about the above. It works great. IU1 is governed and IU2 works like a 100% flat. About 75% in my transmitter was all that was required for full throttle.

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