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Fuse Engineering
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Default Axe CP is it worth it?

Does it really fly like it does in Real Flight 6? is it still in production? What would be the same as it? thanks guys
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I have Realflight 4.5 and the Axe does fly like the Sim. I think the concensus of Axe owners would be that there are better, cheaper options now. If you already have one, judicious parts pruchases (using cheaper third party manufacturers) can save parts money. The tail, however, will never be great.

If you don't have one, don't buy one. TH is supporting this model just enough to keep bilking money from customers who don't know of better options. They make inconsequential changes about once every year and a half and parade "a new version" and keep selling them.

Good luck!
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Axe cp: version 1
Axe cpL: minor electrical changes
Axe cpv3: more electrical changes and a direct driven electric tail
Axe cp 2.4GHz: added 2.4GHz tx/rx to the cpv3

If you want a budget friendly and decent quality heli, look at eflight blade heli's. Just a few years ago they were about the same quality as helimax, but have become dramatically better.
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