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Default Big Lama e-500 canopy removal

Just got the Big Lama e500. It's the same as the old Big Lama but with a new canopy with built in LEDs.

I can't for my life figure out how to remove the canopy completely. It's on there super tight. I've done all my mods with the canopy still on and it is seriously hard not being able to remove it.

Does anyone know how to remove the canopy on Big Lama E-500?
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Hello Empire...
i am in the process of building one of these from spare parts. a friend of mine told me about this thread, so i decided to register and try to answer your question. my frame is completely assembled minus the receiver and mix controller, so i imagine it will be a little harder than it is right now, but, i have had my E500 fuselage on the frame a few times getting the right spacing for the shoring tubes.
obviously, you have to remove the balance bar, and both blade holders leaving you with just the shafts. once you remove the shoring screws, you have to pull the bottom side edges apart and work each side up over the gears one side at a time. you will have to use some minor force to do this, so be careful not to pull the canopy apart at its seams. at the same time you are working the sides up over the gears, also work the canopy forward a little, and up over the mount for the receiver/mixer. be very careful to watch the receiver antenna. it will take some patience, and care as you will have to do this a little at a time, but it will come off. my advice is, once you get the fuselage off, take some clear packing tape and line the inside of it on all the seams you can reach. this will help add strength to them. i would also, if you havent done so already, take some silicon adhesive and work a heavy drop of it around the antenna where it goes in to the receiver. this will keep it secure and greatly reduce the risk of it being knocked off during flights, crashes, or fuselage removals.
it definitely is not an easy task to remove it, but it will come off. i hope this helps you, and if you have any questions, i will help you if i can
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