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Default Kero start Wren 44 won't start

On initial spool up it ignites for a few seconds, then smokes & never spools up puddles of fuel in exhaust.Checked the valves, pump , glow plug with the computer.If I prime the start w/computer it runs a little longer.Removed the main fuel line from the filter before the engine & ran pump . Should there be a lot of pressure there or just a trickle? Could the glow plug be weak?
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I have heard of a few guys having issues with the burner element gumming up restricting the kero flow in the burner.

You can test it by removing it, connecting the pipe with a locknut where it screws into the combustion chamber, connect the cables and test the burner outside the combustion chamber. Be Warned.....It will throw a flame so be sure to place it somewhere it won't burn your house down before you try it.

If it doesn't throw a good flame then you will need to carefully disassemble the burner and clean the gum and deposits from inside it and you should be good to go. They have very fine clearances which can clog up and stop the kero flowing.

Easier still if you have a spare burner handy try that first.


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New fuel pump solved the problem.
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