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Question Blade 500 3D and Blade 500X?

Hello everyone, I would like to know if its true about what the guy who created this heli said about the fly-barred B500 being more relaxed than the B500X which he claims is more for experts.

Now I hear that the Blade 450X is much easier to hover than the 450 3D which has a flybar and someone who posted on one of my threads said that they can hover the 450X for around 7 seconds without moving the sticks at all.

So will the B500 family be easier to fly than the B450 just on the larger size alone? And will the 500X be easier to fly than the 500 3D?
Newbie at this game...somewhat...
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Originally Posted by Sneaglebob View Post

So will the B500 family be easier to fly than the B450 just on the larger size alone? And will the 500X be easier to fly than the 500 3D?
Yes, and Yes. The BeastX FBL system allows you to have the heli setup for an expert, or within 15 seconds, setup for a beginner. Get the 500X over the 3D.
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If you have never flown a collective pitch heli unless you have skilled help
Around to get tips and advice from it will be rather difficult to start with a flybarless heli.

Yes once it's setup correctly the flybarless heli is much much easier to fly but the first time setting it up and getting the gains set can be very daunting for a newb pilot.
Also the larger the heli is the easier it is to fly BUT it can also be more dangerous if you don't have the basics down and much much more expensive when you do hit the ground at high speed and it will happen.

In my honest opinion if a person wants to see if there going to like the hobby or are just getting started into the collective pitch Heli's it may be a good idea to start with something like an mcpx.
It can do most everythin g that the larger birds can do and if it's flown over grass it will usually survive the majority of crashes with little to no damage and it will get you comfortable with the way that flybarless Heli's work.
Another way to look at is maybe a TREX or a CHAOS 450 or so sized kit to build. This will teach you the ins and outs of building a heli and you will then know how to repair when you do hit the ground and you will also have a high quality kit that once your ready you will be able to easily mod it and turn it into a real stick banging beast with not to much more money.

My big one is not by any means the biggest that's made but I do know and understand the want to have a larger bird. Nothing is cooler than 525mm and up in blades darting thru the air when you reverse directions or hit a hard pitched hurricane but it always seams best for a person to crawl before you walk or run for that matter.

This is just my opinion on what you asked I don't mean to sound like preaching or anything like that.
Whatever you decide good luck and I'm sure you will enjoy which ever way you go with it
Mike Martin, MSH BRAIN USA Team Manager
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help a newbie

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