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Default What's a fair price for a Raptor 70

Hi there Fellas!

I've got a guy who wants to sell me his Raptor 70. He is selling it with no transmitter and no receiver.

He was able to show me how it flys perfectly, before he removed his receiver.
The helicopter has original thunder Tiger carbon graphite main blades, Futaba 411 Gyro w/S9254 tail servo, RC Spartan stabilizer unit and a Thunder Tiger 70 Engine.

The helicopter's flight was very stable and showed no issues. The RC Spartan stabilizer also worked nicely as he flipped the switch on his transmitter and was always able to bring the helicopter to a nice steady hover in midair.

He wants $350 for it and I don't want to buy it unless it's a STEAL!

Thanks in advance fellas!

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Sounds like a fair deal to me. Read the thread under this one there buying a 90 for $700.
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As far as I know, there is no Raptor 70.
This would maybe be a Raptor 60 with the TT .70 motor?
$350 for that package is okay - not a steal, but okay.

Raptor 60 is an older heli and the .70 puts strain on the airframe.
If it is all stock, there are going to be worn parts - be ready for some rebuilding / replacements.
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You are correct. It's a Raptor 60 w/ .70 TT Engine. I ended-up paying $300.00 for the heli and adding another $50.00 for the RC Spartan Stabilizer Unit. Total: $350.00

I ended up buying separately for $135.00 an O.S. 70 w/GV-1

Decent deal?

Thanks in advance

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