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120 SR Blade (eFlite) 120 SR Helicopters Information and Help

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Default Quick help!

Hey all, so i decided to get the 120 Sr out of the box tonight, and when i spool up it just starts spinning in circles the faster i spool it up the faster it spins in circles any ideas?
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Is it the first time you've flown it?
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Sounds like your tail motor is either shot or disconnected. Disconnect the main motor and then try powering up the heli and see if the tail motor responds to the TX. If it doesn't check connections, move the tail motor wires around while leaving the TX powered up to see if you have broken wire some where. If nothing try a new motor. Those are notorious for being a weak link. Good luck
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Also check to make sure all swash/flybar links are connected. One or more of these could have come off in shipping.
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