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Default G4 FBL built experience ..


As a Raptor-fan, quality and simplicity wise, I bought the new G4 FBL nitro.

Let's share some experiences ..

1) Simplicity and number of parts, the design is awesome ..

2) the manual is poorly made, as many things (details) are bad, misleading/ confusing

3) The quality of the part sometimes is outstanding (rotor head) and partially simply put bad and inacceptable..

One tail-blade grip has more than 1mm play (not both, as some peope are experiencng). Contacting directly ThunderTiger on their website took them 4 days to answer my questions .. and the response simply useless and incompetent. When installing the tail support rods (carbon), the thread of the alumina part sitting on the tail-boom didn't allow to fix the screw. I had problems to fix the M3x12mm screw. The reason is pretty simple, the thread in the alumina part is not well made ..

So conclusion is, Shegatada San 10 points, TT-production please keep pace with the price setting of the kit and spare-part prices. At the moment its innacceptable!

This helicopter's a real winner, don't mess it up with some bad parts quality guys ..

The answer of TT was pretty arrogant, as the one responding to my E-Mail didn't even sign with his name. If there are some TT-team members here, please feedback to the plant to improve parts qualit and the manual, the helicopter's design is worth it.

After more then 20 years of experience into rc-helicopters, more than 30 builts and more than 100 times setting up any bird on my FF, I dare say, as a potential buyer of a G4 FBL nitro, wait until TT does its homework!

Best Regards from a p****** customer,

P.S: Bought a second tail hub and grips for more then 100 bucks.. come on, can't be the solution in bad economic times with many new products offered to the customer.
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Yours was probably run over by a lorry during the delivery process, mine was superb so was my mates......

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Default Hello ..


It wasn't a lorry .. maybe simply the fact, that now it's written made in China on spare parts ?

I bought a 2nd tail-hub and grips .. only 100 bucks .. cool

Now the asymmetric play is gone .. that's the good news .. the bad news is, both grips now have some play >1mm

The part on the tail boom with the bad thread was cutted by use of a thread-tool M3, there was a lot alumina chips coming out ..

Simply put, genious design .. and if TT considers to produce some parts in China ok, but considering the positionning price-wise unacceptable, even if your picking up your money from the road instead of hard work. So call a Raptor-fan a basher .. but this is definetly not the way to go.

It's never only one part and considering the quality of the other parts this is disappointing, as this bird is a real winner.

Bad parts I accepted on my former Frenzy 90-V2 as for 238 bucks you don't expect to much , customer value is simply put the difference inbetween your expectations and what you finally get.

Let's hope the >1mm play of the tail-blade grips will work, if this is how it should be, why not mention it in the manual, as this is pretty unfamiliar,

Best Regards and hope your G4 does well,

P.S: the side frames look pretty thinny, someone has some crash experience with this bird?
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