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Default GT5 in TDR questions

Greets! I switched out my black full sizeVBar in my TDR for a GT5 a little while ago and I am really loving it.
I do have a couple of questions and wonder if anyone is in the know?
I just unplugged my servos and rx (SBus) during install and the center on all my cyclic servos seemed on par,as do the end points. I took for granted that the tail servo worked the same but when setting endpoints for the tail servo I got quite a big difference! I am around 120 in one direction but over 200 in the other. Piro consistency is good but I wonder if anyone else got similar results or did you reset the servo horn?
Also, I have a slight bounce on piro stops that I can't get rid of. My P gain on tali is 75 and I gain 65. Any higher and the tail starts oscillating during sideways loops etc. I have tried different D-sense values from 5-50 but cant get rid of it. I am at 5 now as the bounce is the smallest at this value. I am using BLS451/251 servos. Tried a bit of smooth stop today too but it did not help.
Any suggestions to help get rid of the bounce?
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Daniel tengvall
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Adjust your pushrod until you got similar "bounce" on both CW and CCW, the adjust D value.
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When i used G-T5 in my TDR travels to both sides was equal (tail slider in middle as is described in TDR manual). I got best result with this tail settings:
P 99
I 90
D-Sense 0 (any other value than 0 caused bounce on stops and wag with much lower P and I values)
Tail stick dynamic 30
DMA cyclic 5
DMA pitch 65
Tail-D-DB 5
Tail symmetric 0
Smooth stop 0
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