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Engines and Mufflers Having problems or need advice on Engines or Mufflers?

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Default hyper 50 slow surge

I flew tonight and came down into a hover and noticed the engine was speeding up and slowing down. When I landed it died at idle. I increased the idle speed and restarted. At idle the engine would speed up and slow down in rpm. I'm not sure to lean or richen the low end or if there might be something else wrong? I recently replaced the rear bearing and have flown maybe a gallon through it. Any suggestions?
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might be plugged filter, something in the carb or needed to be re tuned
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Check the fuel pickup line in the tank. The line between the clunk and the tank bulk head fitting. My fuel line has split many times due to plastic mold marks. A sure way to check is to fill the tank and fly. The problem occures as the tank nears half full.

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