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Default Hobbyking KK 2.0 LCD Quad controller setup and first flight

I built my 550 Quad before christmas (rctimer 1000kv motors, aeolian 18A esc's, 10x4.5 props), initially with a blue hobbyking controller, which flew great once I reversed yaw gyro, and was very stable but not very exciting, then swapped to a black KK 5.5 board with Agressive 4.7 x-quad firmware which was less stable but much more responsive, double flips no problem.

Saw the LCD controller and figured I would get one to try, so this is my setup and first impressions.

First impression is very positive, the backlit lcd screen is amazing, so much easier than messing about with USB dongles/drivers which was a real PITA first time round.

Loaded the X Quad settings, and have run through setup, setting up radio is really easy, just go to receiver test screen and adjust servo reverse and ATVs until the screen shows 100 both sides and the correct directions (left/right/forward/back show on screen by the channel), so then your done.

ESC calibration is slightly awkward (holding down buttons 1 and 4 while plugging in power with tx full throttle, then holding buttons down while ESC's calibrate high and low throttle), but I can see its a sensible safety measure, so don't object to that, I found it easier to unplug M1 ESC from the board, plug ESC into battery then hold both buttons and put the M1 ESC servo plug onto the board, as this is much easier to do one handed than plugging in the battery would be, still you only have to do it once so not a real problem, and if you had a cooperative assistant (probably safer anyway) it would be a non event.

I've downloaded the three documents (short manual, longer manual and kapteinkuk comments), so have reduced P gain from 150 default (which he says is too high due to his high rate ESCs) to 120 for both Yaw and pitch/roll, so will give it a test fly and update here with outcome.

Right, first tests were total non-event, all the gyro's are correct (as you'd hope, but weren't for my previous blue and black boards, yaw was reversed bizarrely despite board being upright).

First flight very stable, no trim needed, slight oscillation on roll/aileron with P gain at 120, so I've dropped it to 100 which seems OK, yaw P gain fine at 120.

Stick scaling defaults 30 for roll/pitch are very tame, as you'd expect, to get the rate I like its up to 80 for roll/pitch 60 for yaw, which is fine for me, double flips are no issue.

The self levelling works fine, its quite slow to correct but does hold well, you can actually fly it around in self levelling mode, but its very sluggish I've got it on gear switch, so easy to flip on/off in flight.

Overall this is the best controller of the three I've tried by a massive amount, and is fantastic value for money, the LCD screen is amazingly easy to use, and the setup/config is pretty much perfect, the three manuals are a bit of a mixup, but thats a very minor quibble for the price/performance, this is definitely more acrobatic than aggressive 4.7 on KK5.5 blackboard, and more stable than v4.7 orig on Blue hobbyking board, which to me is a perfect combination.

In the meantime if anyone has any tips for gains or anything else, that would be great.
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Thanks for the info and pics! I'm considering the KK2 myself but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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You might want to upgrade to v1.2 fw, it is easier to do ESC calibration. You got a few seconds after plug in the battery to press button 1 and 4. Also it has a factory default option. When you mess up with the setting, just go to the factory default to reset all the setting.
The default setting for P gain is 50 on Aileron, Elevator and Rudder. This setting is still to high if you don't have SimonK flashed ESC.
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Did not know the new firmware was available, thanks.
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But I have a hard time with the new fw. I thought it's just me. There are some other people also has problem with v1.2 fw.
The quad wobble more than the v1 fw. I just know that somebody else also have some problem after I post above.
If you have no problem with v1 fw, don't change.
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