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Default Swash issues

This is my first setup on a Fury 55 (or any MA heli) and I see something I've not seen on any Align, Gaui or SAB setup.

This heli is being set up with the new Vbar Silver. The setup has gone smoothly as has all my previous Vbar setups. I have set 12.5 degrees collective and the required 8 degrees of cyclic. With these values, I am getting the swash to hit its end of travel ability when the collective is at mid stick once the setup mode is complete.

There is a noticeable click on the elevator servo and it is visibly straining to get to its full travel position when backwasrds cyclic is given at the midstick position. At either full up or down collective it doesn't hit the limit of the swash. All of the Vbar parameters (endpoint, subtrim, collective and cyclic values) are good.

It doesn't bind during either the collective or cyclic step during setup. I've read that the Vbar will use different throws during flight that are not the same as those used for the setup, but my concern is that it will try to over drive the swash in the air like I am seeing on the bench.

This will be setup as a sport flyer, with relatively tame agility values. I don't see that it will do any hard 3D type of maneuvers, so am I being overly concerned?
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Default Re: Swash issues

Getting this same issue with my Furion 6 using a 3GX.
Can't understand how anyone gets more than 7.5 deg cyclic movement in all directions, as the swash hits the main shaft. Very odd.
Might try a different swash on it and see how I get on.


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