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Default L.E.D. strip lights, Who has bright lights with good color selection?

have used Common Sense RC lights, but they do not have a wide color selection.
I purchased some lights from Hobby Partz, and I will not even use those,
as they are not bright at all.

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Im happy with my hobbypartz lights i have red,blue,white,green i have them on planes tho

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This guy has pretty good prices and ships fast (when he checks his PM's). http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=207250 Drop my name if you end up getting some from him, I'll be doing a lot more buisness with him. The ones I got from him are plenty bright for a heli with night blades. Are you using enough volts with the strips you have? I've got a silly 4 meters wrapped around a 450 with a 2S 300mAh running 1M of regular LED strip and a 2S 800mAh running 3M of RGB LED strip (didn't want to cut it yet so just went crazy wrapping it around the heli ) Plenty bright, not just because there are so many each LED is also bright. the 800mAh will go about 2 hours before the blue starts to fade and the 300mAh is only good for about 45 min before the white fades. I'm pretty sure those LED strips can handle 12V also which would be even brighter.

Here is a couple pics one at night, one a little before dusk, and one with some backlighting. You can't see all the RGB strips because the controller mode was on color change flash and the pics only got one color but I just added a video to my blog if anyone wants to check it out https://www.helifreak.com/blogs/timtreo/1954-making-all-size-night-blades.html

BTW KingJoe I tried your advice with these blades in the pics and you are right they are just as bright with only LEDs on the top or bottom of each blade with longer battery time
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They have a lot more than just strip lights.
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Hobbypartz has the best selection of colors and lengths including purple that actually looks purple, not UV. They stock the 10mm wide strips with a white pcb. Commonsenserc and BPhobbies also stock the same type of strips.

With hobbypartz you have to order more than $50 to get free shipping. Otherwise its like $10 just for shipping.

Other stores like hobbyking stock the 11mm wide copper finish pcb.

What you probably want to avoid is any led strips with that heavy waterproof silicone coating. Makes it hard to work with and adds unnecessary weight.

Sounds like you are using 2s which is not the full brightness for led strips.
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i just used the common sense strips and plugged into balance adapter as suggested, they were nice and bright at the beginning of the flight but after about a minute and a half they started to fade in brightness. Any better ways to connect these. This is only on a 450 so dont have alot of room to spare.
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Sounds about right. A 3s flight pack under load can drop to 10.5v or so. At that voltage blue, purple and white leds will appear dim.

You might want to look around for a 3s 350mah pack. Dont worry too much about the C rating, 25C will be plenty. A fresh pack that size will run 2 meters of single chip (hobbyparts type) leds for a good 3 flights. After 100 flights or so it will be more like 2 flights.

Use your favorite small connector to wire these up. JST plugs are good since most 350mah packs already have them installed. I'm not a huge fan of the connectors that ship with led strips, they come apart fairly easily. Nothing like trying to bring a 450 in for a landing when you dont know which way the tail is pointing.
Thank you Mr. John Taylor.
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