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Originally Posted by helicek View Post
I have just managed to blow a capacitor on a Jive 80+HV esc when I connected the 12S power pack, and it also happened on the bench
What did go wrong and can it be avoided?
I was very disapointed to read other people experienced the same. I did not know that this thing can happen the way it did. I have just sent my esc to Kontronik today.
Dud capacitor, it happens, not really kontroniks fault though (assuming you hooked it up with the correct polarity). Electronic components sometimes just die.
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Justin Stuart
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You're sure it was an HV and not a LV Jive?
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Bought it from DJ at PS1 who in turn got it from ReadyHeli. ReadyHeli said they don't take care of warranty stuff. DJ had given me the "homey hookup" at cost. For that I am grateful and can't say enough good about the man. It was an HV. An 80 hv. Popped right in front of me on the bench. Sounded like a lady finger dud. Kind of scared me for second.

Its been three months and still heard nothing. I did replace it with a HeliJive 120hv. Nice.
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