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Default TREX 250 DFC 3GX mounting options

I would like to mount the 3GX on the side of the heli, not flat - upside down or right side up. But the 3GX manual shows no option for this mounting orientation. I wonder if it could be done, by swapping two of the axis like elevator for cyclic or pitch? I would think that if the gyro sensors and control algrithms are all identical, this would be possible. All I would do is wire TX RUD / PIT -> 3GX PIT / RUD. It might get a little confusing to do it this way, but I just know I am going to tinker around with this thing quite a bit and mounting on the side gives much easier access than in the frame. Has anybody tried this?

I think all I would lose is sensitivity rudder adjustment from the TX. It would be cool also if somebody wrote some firmware to support this orientation.
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