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Cool Nano CP X - mSR X motor swap/upgrade

So it looks like the main motors are pretty similar in the mSR X and the Nano CP X, EXCEPT the Nano has a 7 tooth pinion and the m SR X has a 8 tooth pinion.

Does anybody have any results from putting a mSR X motor in a Nano? It should results in higher head speed, but might kill the motor quicker.

Does any body have any knowledge or experience with these motors, are they the same internally?

I was originally thinking of putting the Nano motor in the mSR X, but I dont think it would be a benefit, maybe the Nano motor with the correct pinion or adding an extra toothed pinion? Thats made me realize dropping a mSR X motor in the Nano might be an upgrade.

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I had the same thoughts, but (correct me if I'm wrong) the nCPX motor is 8mm and the mSRX motor is 8.5mm, so won't just slot straight in.
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Yup, the diameter of the two is different.

The nano uses 8mm motor.

The mSRX uses 8.5mm motor.

And both are crappy motor with early death syndrome.
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Don't forget that they both might have vastly different RPMs too, the mqx motors spin much slower than the nano motors at the same voltage.
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Thanks for the help guys, I just got a Nano and haven't really dug that deep into it yet, 4 flights down. I like it better than the mSR X and mCP X.
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There are also other options... mSR motor or Solo Pro V2 motor which is very cheap...

Any thoughts?
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Old 12-22-2012, 12:40 PM   #7
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Solo pro won't fit to

Maxon got a bench of motors with wil give very good performance I guess

Maxon motors are normally used in hospitals and in space and in other places where you can't have any fails.

Only problem is that the motor is 50 without shipping.....

When you wanna buy this type of motors measure the internal resistance of te stock motor when it's new and choose one maxon 8mm dc motor with the same I.R.

I'm wanna do this mod soon when I got budget to :-)
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motor, msrx, nano cpx, pinion

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