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Default Align Night Blades

I have a pair of Align 325 Carbon Night Blades, what is the proper way to charge them and how long should they stay lit, It looks like om blade runs out of power before the other one.
Thanks fo your help
Keep on Flying
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Half an hour on the charger should be adequate. The align 3k charger I used had 2 status leds that would turn green when charging was complete. If the battery is aged, it may not turn green no matter how long you leave it. Btw, you should only use the align specified charger. Even though you might get away with using an off brand charger, why risk it? Some of them like the torsion night blade charger are incompatible and will quickly heat up the battery.

If you take a voltmeter and measure from pin 1 to pin 3 you should get either 4.1v (li-ion) or 4.2v (li-po) at full charge. When the blue leds begin to dim, its time to land.

I highly recommend DIY night blades, they are twice as bright and depending on the size of lipo and number of leds per blade you use they can easily run for 35 minutes. A 100mah cell, the thinner the better is about the biggest you should use on 325mm blades.

If you are up to the task I can give a bunch of links for supplies. Otherwise fellow HFer Timtreo has been making custom night blades for folks, complete with tiny switches and separate charge ports. No more of those pesky jumper pins.
Thank you Mr. John Taylor.
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