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Default Balance adapter cable

What is the balance adapter called that goes between the charger and a para board? is it just a 6S cable with JXT connectors?

I have a I-charger 306B, and was checking to if I could get a longer cable somewhere around 12" long. the cable that came with by balance board is about 6" long which has 7 wires with two male plugs which I think are JXT plugs.

I have seen 6s balance extension cables out there but wasn't sure if it was the same or if it would work for that application.

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Its an interconnect cable. Unfortunately there is no standard. The connector pin count and wiring order vary from board to board. An extension may be your safest bet. But you can also check with ProgressiveRC or Epbuddy to see if they have the proper interconnect for your parallel board.
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Thanks, I have call into ep buddy as I want to order a para board and extention cable from them, but just want to make sure I order the right cable.

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I've got several paraboards and frankly I never use them. I like the parallel charging cables (commonly called a squid). Get one for your brand of balance taps and one for your battery connectors. You can do six at the time and it is MUCH easier than hooking up a paraboard (especially if you have batteries with short balance leads like TP).

I use Deans on all my batteries so only need one charge squid and I have a mixture of TP and JST balance taps so I have one balance squid of each flavor. The three squids cost about the same as a paraboard.
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Problem with the cable setup is that there is nothing there except the cabling to protect you if a balance connector goes on bacwards---it can happen quite easily.

Of course vaporizing the wire is better than killing the packs.

My FMA MPA has a lot of safety features to protect me against myself!

I simply bought some extensions from HK to make the hookup to the board easier. They were pretty cheap actually (something to worry about a bit!). I was also able to buy some converters too (used on my non-JST packs that I still have).
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