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Default X50 tail buzzing

I have been having an issue with my x50 that I can't track down. The tail makes a loud buzzing under load. I have tried numerous tail blades and even mounted an Align v2 hub and grips but the issue still persists. Today I noticed play with the rear input gear assembly in the tail case. I can move the gear in and out about 1mm and I can also spin the bearing in the tail case. I disassembled the tail tonight and noticed the bearings and spacer for the input bevel gear are not a tight fit in the tail case. Anyone else have this issue? How tight should the bearings and spacer fit in the tail case?
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It sounds like the drive shaft is fluttering. Check your bearing placement and may be even add another bearing to the shaft.

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Mine had a similar probem then I heard that the X50's have insufficient torque tube support so I did the double bearing up grade almost right away. Never had a probelm since
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Hi! I have the same problem that you and I would like to know if a washer 6x10x1.0 will help to fix the problem or if it's too big?
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hi there, have a look at this if you haven't already....Post #30....might help....and also the 2nd link......


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If you read my posts in this thread you can see where I had to remove some of the start shaft length as it was rubbing on the crankshaft. Pictures included.


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I've had tail buzzing before in my other helis. I had noticed it after touching tail blades in the grass. It turned out to be a bent tail hub in my case. I was unable to see the deformation, but swapping it out came from the advice of a friend who knew of this. Sure enough...quiet and smooth once I swapped it out. If you bumped the tail in a landing, it's worth investigating.
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