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600 PRO Class Electric Helicopters 600 PRO Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Advice on Trex 600 pro Vs Thunder Tiger X50E FBL


In a surprise lapse and after obviously being overcome by Christmas spirit my wife has offered to buy me a helo as a gift, I am thinking of venturing into the 600 class (so please excuse my lack of knowledge). Currently I am balanced between what I know, the Trex 600 Pro EFL or fly bar version and the Thunder Tiger X50E FBL 600.

I am currently flying the TT Mini Titan V2 and Trex 500CF, both stock and looking to the 600 size as I step into some more advanced flying, I also figure this is my only chance to squeeze a little more out of the wife, so sorry a 700 would just be greedy. I am still working in the circuit no 3D yet but the intention is there in the not too distant future so a stock super combo of either is what I am after at this stage (crash test dummies will be the Mini Titan and 500).

I have not done FBL but it seems to be the way to go, and I have no great knowledge of other brands but as an expat in the middle east I know I can get Trex and TT parts without too much difficulty. I am doing my research but can't seem to find too much on the TT and obviously time is a little limited...

Any help, pros or cons on either would be greatly appreciated, or even any reviews to links, opinions are always welcome on these or other brands in the size and price range.

Regards and happy landings
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I think either heli is a good venture into 600 class machines. Definitely go FBL- more to learn and understand (i.e. how to set it up, how it works), but you end up with a WAY better flying machine.

The Thunder Tiger is going to be a lower initial cost, especially if you are looking for a combo of some sorts. Stay away from the Align 3GX FBL controller (at least until the most recent version has been wrung out... previous versions have a lot of haters.) Thunder Tiger part replacement is more costly, but in many cases the parts are more durable. The X50E FBL is probably one of the most underrated machines out there right now, especially for the cost.

The 600 EFL Pro is a more mature, evolved machine. I advise you stay away from the DFC head this first time- you might save a bit of money and you'll save a lot of potential aggravation. Align parts are really easy to find/get, and there are infinitely more upgrade paths. You may not get much in the way of LHS support for Thunder Tiger, as they just are not as popular.

Read the forums... get to know both machines a little before you make your decision. You should get what you are comfortable with after reading all the pros/cons.
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Thanks for your advice, you have pretty much nailed what I was after, based on your advice and from what I have gathered reading the forums I am thinking the venture into FBL is the way to go. As for the 3GX, it seems to be a constant in most reviews that it is to be avoided somewhat but again I am still trying to learn about what FBL systems are compatible with my 7C remote and what are more widely regarded by users. I will look into avoiding the DFC head, I actually know very little about it, so I will be making an effort to fix that as well.

The main problem I am now having is finding any reviews on the TT X50E, the 600 pro has a lot and sounds like a nice machine, but owning both the TT Mini Titan v2 and the Trex 500 I am happy with both brands and actually think the TT is better built, superior parts and nicer to fly, but really I dont think I am comparing apples with apples so am a little reserved in making a judgement based on that alone.

As I am an expat living in the middle east, I am pretty much ordering most items from Internet base shops in the US or Taiwan, so LHS is virtually non existent or over priced and best avoided. I can basically get anything I need or want provided I am willing to wait and/or pay for it...

The TT is definitely the one that is appealing due to the price and my previous TT experience, but without any advice on that machine I am a little hesitant to make the jump. If anyone has any sites that thoroughly review this machine and setups I would be grateful for any links. Google just isn't producing the goods this time.

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I picked up a TT x50e as well. Have not flown it yet, but it looks impressive on the bench.
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thunder tiger ussually supports their machines for 2 years of so and then parts start getting harder to get

where as with the clone parts on the market I would imagine you could find trex parts for years to come

Yes, tarot makes alot of clone 600 parts all the way down to Torque Tubes and skids.
you just have to get with a tarot dealer to order them, most dont keep in stock because they dont want it on the shelf for a month before someone takes it
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I can still get parts for my rappy 50.But the price sure has not droped any.
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I got the X50E and I love it!!! Super smooth, quiet, and this is only on an 8s setup!
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