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Question Koby 40 and 55 causing brown outs on W360?

There is a thread going on the Warp 360 forum about Spek sat brown outs using the Koby BEC. It makes me a little worried. I have one in a Mini P with MKS95's and MKS95i on tail. I am using Mini Vbar with 2 sats and no problems. I think the price tag for these units one would assume that BEC would be up to the task. Now it does seem all the people reporting this are using the MKS92a cyclic servos though.

My reasons for concern are not just a money issue but a safety issue as well. Is this a known problem or did the Warp guys create a quirky combo (Koby/MKS92a) that can cause brown outs?
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an easy way to test is to put the stick at low stick and put your hand on the head and try to hold it in place. now overly hard but just let the servos load up while you push the collective up and down. do this for 10 sec if you get no brown outs there is pretty much zero chance you will in flight. The guy reporting that he is getting 10 amp continuous while doing circuits points to a fact that either the combo of satellites and vbar is VERY power hungry or there is something very wrong. to put it in perspective i saw a log file from a kosmik showing the load on a bec during a typical light 3D flight on a goblin. so 700 size machine and it never hit 10 amps continuous. this was with Futaba servos. it was around 5 amps continuous with spikes to 15 amps.
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