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Default Wookong-M lock-out S-800 totally destroyed.

I had just purchased an S-800 and Wookong-M. It was on my sixth flight everything had tested out and was working I was in Aditude mode when the Wookong-M locked out and crashed causing extreme damage. The system just doesn't work as advertised and causes devastating crashes.
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Did you see this?

DJI finds firmware bug causing spontaneous S800 system failure!
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...I would be calling someone
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Default Colin won't return my call.

I've been dealing with Empire Hobby and DJI USA in Texas. Both are horrible to deal with and act like its a big inconvenience. I spent close to three thousand dollars buying what I thought the best and safest system. Now that I've had a problem they won't return my calls. I finally got an E-Mail from Colin saying my problem was caused by pilot error. I've been flying R/C helicopters for fifteen years and know what a locked-out control feels like. The Wookong -M locked out or reset and I had no control. The crash and damage to the S-800 was devastating all arms were broken and so was the landing gear. Do to the fact DJI does not sell the plastic arms with out the motors speed control and propellers the S-800 is totaled.
The S-800 is a very flimsy machine and a crash is devastating. I've been doing research and have found a lot of pilots that have experienced the same problem and it has nothing to do with the GPS sati-light this is a problem with the processor it gets confused and locks-out causing complete loss of control. Even one of the DJI dealers told me they had had three Wookong-m fly off and one of them was his personal aircraft. He contacted Colin DJI USA and guess what... Pilot error. Another dealer told me the only safe DJI product was the Ace 1. I wish I had known this before my expensive investment and hope through communication I help others to avoid this problem. DJI needs to recognize that they have major problems and correct them.
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DJI have always used customers as beta testers and rely on their reps (most of who don't mention their position) to manipulate the forums.

XP3.1 had a major issue where it would just lock the pilot out and carry on in forward flight. Several reports and crashes were on the forums but the rep claimed he had never heard about it.

I heard from a reliable source that DJI released their XP3.1 GPS software even though they knew it had this major, safety related flaw because they wanted to beat the helicommand profi GPS to market.

As you might expect, I will never buy DJI equipment.
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Don't deal with Empire Hobby, they are not going to help you. Instead email or call DJI directly. I crash my F550 into ocean during my first video along the beach and suddenly the two DJI plastic props broke and slam into the ocean. I got it back, but the wookong system and motors was damage by the salt water. I am so upset and email DJI tech support and they told me to send everything back to them and they will replace it, I don't believe they told me that, so I send the whole hexa to HongKong and they contact Empire Hobby to send my brand new F550 kits with Wookong system.

So talk to DJI directly you might get your S800 replace. GOOD LUCK
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You can buy the plastic arms by themselves.

Let me warn you though, unsoldering and soldering the motor and ESC back on can be a royal pain due to the coating on the ESC.

I have had excellent results with my Wookong but the S800 is a different story. I just can't get the vibes out due to the flexible arms. They are very flimsy. I had a minor crash (my fault) and broke 3 arms. Most multis would have only broke a prop or two.
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Default DJI props vs Graupner

DO NOT USE DJI plastic props on your muliti rotors, it not robust props, you will crash, use Graupner props instead.
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