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Default Nano CPX BNF with Spektrum DX8

I would like to purchase a Nano CPX BNF but need to know how to set it up with my Spektrum DX8 with basic settings until I get use to it. Does anyone have all the settings for this radio.I have had othe small Helis but the radios were already factory set.
I have never set up a radio yet so this would be my first try.
Thanks for your help.
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I don't have a DX8 but from what I understand, it has the capability of uploading settings from a memory card. You can also manually set them using the setting in the owners manual.
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Your question is as much a DX8 question as a Nano question. It takes a few times through the menus on the DX8 to figure out where everything is. The DX8 manual should be enough to get started.

As far as the nCPx part of the question it is pretty much the same for all the micro helicopters-tone down D/R, expo, and maybe pitch to get a less responsive helicopter.

So, setup your DX8 as shown on page 6 of the nCPx manual. Next is mostly a matter of personal preference-what worked for me with the mCPx was decreasing aileron and elevator D/R to 30% and Expo to zero. Rudder to 70% D/R and zero expo. If you have problems with altitude control maybe reduce max pitch slightly to 90 or 80%.

If this is too tame, maybe bump it up a little-perhaps to 50% D/R with 15% Expo for aileron and elevator.

Again, much is personal preference and no magical one size fits all. What is important is that you understand which direction of making changes in the transmitter dial up responsiveness and which direction dials it down.
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You can download the nano CPX manual here:

Note the instructions for binding.
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I'll have to pull my DX8 settings out for the Nano.... got to wait until I get back to the workbench though. The Nano manual does have the DX8 settings though.
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+1 to Mega.

I was having a hard time with my Nano and now with these setting or some close to
those I'm having a much better time.

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