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Default Sk 540 or my vbar

Ok guys not sure what to do. I bought a nx4 and and thought I would give the 540 a try for the controller. Well after setup and a gallon of fuel in the nx4 I am really loving the sk540. Now the problem is do I want to replace my silver line vbar in my 700n with another sk540?

The vbar is fully upgraded to 5.3 pro with blue tooth so I have about $500.00 into it. It flys great and I have no problems with it but can't shake the thought of trying the 540 over the vbar. Anyone else have this issue and what did u do?

Thanks for the input
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Unless you are a 1%'er, sell the VBar for $300 and buy a SK540.
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They're both good. No reason to sell the VBar if it works well, unless you just like spending money.
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=] Chris you have the best of both worlds, your other option is to swap units over when you have time / bad weather periods, take it from there?!

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Cool thanks for the help guys. I think i will just keep the vbar for now. Maybe some time in the future i will grab another sk540. This way I will have a spare unit for another heli
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That's the only option afraid. Buy a new Heli.
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sk 540 is a great unit.

I have vbar and sk540 and they fly very similar.

Vbar was easier to adjust parameters for tuning.
Skkokm now ahve a thread form alvin on what to play with for tning on skookum flybarless units so its even now.

I prefer sk540 for set up its easier for me.

I dont know how they did it but skookum hit a homne run with the sk 540. Its cheap and flies great with not much tuning required.
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I personally think that the piros are really flat/axial on the SK540. They both fly quite well. One thing I do like on my miniV is the convenience of Blue Tooth/Android programming ability. Very very convenient.

I do own the LCD programmer, but the blue tooth allows me to hover/fly close by to check for 'LIVE' vibration levels - which is hard to beat.

BUT, overall I think most newer FBL systems are fairly close to each other (I haven't tried the Align 3gx). It is a matter of personal choice these days

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I def agree with georgi here. Pretty much a close tie on this one. Best of both worlds really. Plus, now you are fully qualified to comment on either or in comparisons here!
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