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FPV and Real time Video Discussions of receiving video in realtime from the aircraft

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Default Vibration Q strapping a Contour HD to my Blade 450

So today I thought I'd try strapping my Contour HD 1080p to the training skids of my Blade 450 (I'm a novice flyer). Initially I saw a lot of wavy footage (almost like the footage was made up of vertical grass blades that waved back and forth. Made it hard to watch.

I then tried placing some soft foam between the underside of the skids and the camera. Didn't make any noticeable difference.

I was trying to figure out whether this was just a camera fault of where video cameras really need some fancy dampening to make the picture nice and clear. Ultimately I'd like to try FPV but first I need to fly well and then figure out the equipment I'll need. For now I was just curious to see what my own equipment would look like but it wasn't great.
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This is frequently referred to as "jelly" video.

Step 1 is to balance your heli. If it doesn't vibrate, there's no jelly.

Step 2 is to insulate against whatever vibration remains. Your heli will always vibrate *some.* You are trying to isolate the vibration from your camera. Often, foam and rubber bands can help, but if you're not having luck, go back to step 1.
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