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Default Looking for Heli Pilot w/ equipment for Movie shoot in Austin TX

Hi Everyone!

I am part of team producing an independent feature set in and shooting on location in Austin, TX this spring. Our professional screenwriter has credits in successful Hollywood films and our director has won multiple awards. Additionally, we already have our budget set, investors lined up, and cash in the bank, so this picture is going to happen!

More details once we find a Heli jock to work with, but the essential concept is a murder conspiracy thriller set in the near future, with the entire film told through security surveillance footage, wiretaps, hacked webcams, text message intercepts, and (this is where you come in!) police and private security UAV drone feeds. We are even writing in a drone "strike" with simulated "missile cam" video now that we have started brainstorming around the possibilities afforded by using off the shelf quadcopters as camera platforms. We are also considering doing a viral marketing campaign in the weeks leading to our cinematic festival premiere featuring UAVs acting very creepy.

We really can't afford to buy our own equipment, so we are looking for a skilled heli pilot with their own hi end gear (something capable of extended flight time lugging a dslr and infrared camera). You'd also be one of our technical advisors and would get a movie credit, press, and possibly a profit share should we be successful (we've formed an LLC and you'd have an official legal contract spelling this stuff out). We will also need you to sign a confidentiality agreement and not to spill the beans on our project before its release. We may also recruit other forum members to do some remote brainstorming and advisement (again, you'd need to sign some confidentiality contracts and would be credited on the film).

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, Action!

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Default Double Check..

You may (if you haven't already) double check FAA rules in the US around commercial RC flight, i seem to recall something in one of the forums, can't find it now, somethign around limitations for commercial usage of unmanned RC flight, just popped into my head when i saw this and thought worth mentioning
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If you don't get any answers here, and if this thread doesn't get moved to the AP section of the forum, here's a link to said section that may be a better place to get your answers.
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Per the AMA website and Rich Hanson, the AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs liason:
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Default Hello


Have an DJI S00 hexacopter with WookongM Autopilot. Have a GH2 camera to go with it as well. Message me if you are still looking.

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Originally Posted by fmrsdtr1 View Post
Per the AMA website and Rich Hanson, the AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs liason:
That being said, lots of guys still doing this.

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Thanks for the responses everyone!

To call our project commercial is a bit of stretch, as that sort of thing is supposed to make money! We'd love to be accurately accused of such a thing when it's all said and done

We will definitely consult with experts concerning FAA guidelines for UAS's. That being said, the majority of our use of them in the script is not in built-up areas so safety, privacy, and law enforcement attention concerns are pretty low, but we do want to stay legit. That's a big part of the reason we are looking to bring on some of you who have more experience rather than try to teach ourselves how to do this!

We may look into affiliation with the UT Austin film department (the director went there and knows everyone) in order to apply for FAA licensing through a "public entity".

snathan99 -- sending PM, thanks for your response especially!

goldenhour -- if you have any that is looking for one, let us know! We can send you an investor packet.
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