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Stolen, Ripoffs and Scammer alerts Post your theft, scammed, ripped off reports here

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Originally Posted by L24D View Post
Collateral damage is fine by the laws that govern your office? YA did not think so. You realized rather than defusing this ordeal you have escalated it for the sake of entertainment and put woman and children's lives at risk? You are a real Hero.... and a disgrace to the uniform.
Did I mention he was in the FBI and stuff? I think you and my wife need to get together because you both have lost your mind … No more helis …

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Originally Posted by The Dentman View Post
Did Charles open another account?

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Originally Posted by BustedRaptor77 View Post
Little too articulate.

@Adrian IMHO the extent of the flat out lies are why this has drug out. There should be only a couple of posts in this whole thread. An acknowledgment of a problem and a presented solution. (maybe a little bit of argument)

Pretending to be someone else etc... was ridiculous.
I agree, the speech pattern is too different for me to even think this is Charles. I DO find it interesting that Adrian apparently opened a profile on HF for the sole purpose of posting here, as this was his first ever post on HF. Wonder what (or who, more to the point) might have prompted it??
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Originally Posted by Adrian-S View Post
This is my first post on this forum, but thought it worth spending a few moments to share my thoughts on this situation.

First, my name is Adrian, I live in Orlando, Florida, and I've known Charles Samaha for a number of years when he used to live in the area. He has painted RC sailboats for me, friends of mine, fellow RC club members, and is known by us all as a good person. We also recognize Charles has occasionally been slower to ship items than desired.

As I read through all of the details, every page of this thread and other threads elsewhere, here is what my opinion is.

100% Facts:
1. A sale of a helicopter was agreed.
2. Money was sent for a helicopter, and was received.

Items not 100% known, based solely on the details in this thread:
4. Was a helicopter sent
5. Was a helicopter received
6. Was a helicopter lost in shipment

Nowhere in this thread is there definitive proof of items 4, 5, and 6.
Could Charles have not shipped it, or shipped something else, or shipped it to the wrong place, but said he did? Sure.
Could Quan have received it, but said he did not? Sure.
Could the shipment have been lost in transit? Sure.

My first thought would have gone to the shipment being lost, versus either seller or buying trying to scam one another. Maybe that's the optimist in me, but that's where I would have gone first.

Quan says the heli was not received.
Charles says the heli was sent.

Is the heli lost? Perhaps. Charles has posted saying the PO says they have located it. This may be true. I guess Charles, Quan, and everyone will find that out soon enough, based on a recent posting concerning a pkg being found.

What I'm most surprised about, is that among everyone in this thread, there are only two 100% facts specific to this transaction, items 1 and 2. The rest is a bunch of opinion, including my thoughts as well, yet the majority of the rest is stated as fact, when there's just no proof in either direction, and the thread just devolves into a crazy amount of back and forth.

There is no fact the heli was shipped. There is no fact that the heli was not received. We can make educated guesses as to what has happened. Did Quan send the money? Yep, that's a 100% fact.

COULD someone have been running a scam to send money, receive product, then say the product never arrived because it didn't have a signature required? Yup, but not highly likely to me.

COULD someone have taken a package that arrived on someones doorstep and stolen it? Yup, but not highly likely to me.

COULD someone have not shipped a product after receiving funds for the product? Yup, but not highly likely to me.

COULD someone have incorrectly shipped a product? Yup, and in this case, tracking information would have been vitally helpful, but that can't be fixed after the fact.

COULD a shipping company have lost a product? Yup.

As I said above, perhaps I'm an optimist, but smart money for me is on a shipping error more than either of the two parties trying to scam each other.

I agree with a number of folks on here, Charles certainly didn't do himself any favors via the postings in this thread. I'll also say that if the same thing happened to anyone else, and you see a thread saying "you're a scammer"... or any of the other posts so negatively written discussing you, your family, your property, etc, you may not react as rationally and straight headed as you would being an outsider looking in on the same situation.

I felt it important to at least give, as best I can as a friend of Charles, as impartial of an opinion as I can, based solely on the facts presented.

Based solely on my opinion of what I think the cause is and outcome is likely to be, I hope:
1. The post office locates the package.
2. The information from the post office is shared between Charles and Quan, so they both realize that neither was trying to scam the other.
3. That Charles and Quan talk and both apologize to each other for the situation devolving into what it did.
4. That others in this and other forums are made aware of the outcome, and offer their apologies.
5. That Quan either gets the heli or his money, depending on which he chooses.

I'll certainly be watching the thread to see what the final outcome is.


Oh yeah, he's a real saint..

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Can some one explain why this dude hasn't been banned yet? Am I missing something? I don't see the complication in this transaction. L24D has Quans money and Quan has no helicopter. Why does he have to sign or send you anything. You already have his address just send him his F'in money back. Exactly how complicated is that? You keep B'ing, complaining about everyone other than yourself. You caused this problem, you're the soul reason of this problem. All you're doing is making excuses and trying to place blame on any and everyone but yourself. How simple can this be. Just send the money back to the address it was sent to you from. Its not rocket science.
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Sorry guys can't let this keep going on and on.
William James
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