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Default pirouette

I have a general question if someone doesn't mind chiming in.
Iíve flown quite a few heliís even though I a beginner. I notice some will pirouette pretty cleanly some will do more of a toilet bowl spin and some completely go off axis and be almost out of control. Iíve seen videos of heliís doing perfect precise pirouettes as if there was an actual axis component centering the spins. Is this simply a matter of how level your swashplate is set up?
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The way your helicopter is set definitively helps, but if you are using collective pitch helicopter, sooner or later it won't stay true during pirouettes. So, what you have seen are piloting skills - and people did those pirouettes to show off their skills - not their helicopter setup.

To be able to constantly pirouette cp helicopter for the duration of the battery one needs to know how to constantly correct it - no matter where the helicopter's nose points. Because of that feature, slow pirouettes (as in at least 5-6 seconds a revolution) are perfect orientation and general rc helicopter control practice. Many here that claim that they are really good would struggle doing slow, very controlled, continuous pirouettes - in both direction! (me included).

So, if you master how to control helicopter while it is slowly pirouetting you will be able to correct it at any orientation. That, usually, leads to less crashes due to brain freezes. If you are to progress with general rc heli skills it is really good idea to start practicing them. Now.
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Default thanks

Awesome info. That makes sense because usually the cleanest ones I've seen are fast. I had a Blade 120SR that did the sloppiest pirouettes I've ever seen. My Blade 450 3D does pretty clean pirouettes with minimal input. I have a Master CP that you can hover hands free at times but needs little more input to do stable pirouettes.
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Also depends on if it's FBL or not. If it isn't, it's good mechanical setup, and very good pilot skill. The faster the piro however, the easier it is to keep solid.

If it is FBL, that depends on which unit it is (quality vs. crap) also how good the CG is set, and how good the programming is in the FBL. If you setup an FBL properly, and it's a quality unit, the heli shouldn't move around at all. However, if it's not programmed properly, it will have some crazy flight characteristics.

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Put in wind and gust in the simulation and use a Heading hold non rate FB heli.

Learning Piros that way gives you a lot of feeling for the minor corrections you need later to keep the heli on a point, move it along a line or a circle or figure 8 while pirouetting.
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