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Default RC Tek / AXE CP Posts

I take it from the lack of RC Tek Diablo and Sky Shark / AXE CP post everyone had a good weekend. Thats great!
The hangar I normally fly in is full of vehicles so I wasn't able to fly this weekend.

Ted Schubert

I always have fun. Some times are more fun than others.
I can't remember half the crap I forgot.
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Panzer 4
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I am new to RC. I received my Diablo on the third. Yesterday was my first test flight. Considering that I have never flown anything but G3.5, and have only seen a blade CX2 in the air once, I am amazed with how straight forward everything has been..... Easy to say that after watching the Finless videos. I am an Instrumentation and Control Systems Specialist, and without the videos and RC-TEK, it would have been a few months before I had anything ready to fly.

The Scorpion motor and ESC are great.

What a great new hobby!!!

The RC-TEK purchase has been a very positive experience. I PM'ed a few people prior to taking the plunge. The Bum was right on in his recommendation.
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