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Default Blade 300 x tail servo noise.

I have excessive noise on my 300 x tail servo. I understand that some noise coming from the servo is normal but I have excessive noise when I am on full rudder in one direction.
My servo is also sticking when it is hard over in this direction. Is this normal or do I need a new servo because I do not want to crash. I do not remember the servo making this noise when the helicopter was new.

Thanks Niko ...

MCPX 300X DX6i...
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Something sounds wrong with your setup.

From your description, it sounds like the servo is binding on one extreme (maybe both).

When a servo is binding, or basically stuck, a lot of current can flow through its motor. These motors aren't that robust, and this can really damage the servo.

Try this--take the tail rotor linkage off the servo ball. Now when you move the rudder stick, does the servo sound better, especially at the extreme limits? If it moves smoothly, then maybe the servo is ok.

But anyway to fix the binding problem, you want to adjust Setup Parameter E. In this parameter, the BeastX is told where the servo hits the end of the tail slider movement. You want to be just a little short of this point.

It is also possible that your tail shaft (where the slider is sliding on) is bent from an earlier crash, and this is causing the slider to stick. Not sure about this, but it is a possibility. One way to check this is to move the tail rotor linkage by hand (when you took it off the servo ball) to see that the slider moves smoothly over the entire slider range on the tail shaft. Also adding a drop of Triflow lubricant to the shaft will reduce the friction, if you haven't been lubing this part.

1) check servo endpoints
2) Make sure tail rotor shaft isn't bent. I suggest a new one if it is bent.
3) lube tail shaft where slider is sliding.

Hope one (or all) of these works for you.
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Default Re: Blade 300 x tail servo noise.

Great advise from ahahn. I found a servo buzzing and slider sticking after installing align tail grips. Adjusted the end points in setup E, and been great since.

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Default Blade 300 x tail servo noise.

+1 you don't get do overs if you run a binding servo. Dial it down via option E.

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Thanks for the replies guys. The noise at the end of the servo throw is a new noise. I have all ready used a small amount of silicone lubricant on the pitch sliding mechanism. I will check the tail mechanism without the servo being connected up.

Thanks niko ...
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