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Question Dragonus belt tension...

Hey guys, any idea on what the tail belt tension should be? I had a look at the belt a day ago and I noticed it was full of hair, thought it was my cats but then it's a different colour and completely packed full! I then opened the canopy and there was some in there... I cleaned it all out. Yesterday after flying 1 pack through I noticed it was almost full again, short creamy brown coloured fibres... It's been flown 10-14 times... It has give, but you know that's not very precise way of saying! Haven't sprayed it with anything but after that night when I noticed the fibres I did spray it with little precision silicon though. Non-toxic safe one, hasn't seem to have made a difference, I didn't spray much though. I just had a good look, and found one thing... The whole lot inside of the pulley section is covered in fibres... Looks like the belt has been used loads! Kept looking, checking the tail rotor section, nothing... the pulley on top works fine, not to tight not to loose, spins free... Moved onto the red pulleys in the frame area this is where most of the fibres around the frame are at, the one on the left runs free, at any speed and all through the rotation. On the other pulley it seems to stop at some points. I'm not sure if this is because the belt tension is wrong though? This is looking from behind the heli (from the tail). It's a alu tailboom, has been in no crash. The main rotor is pretty smooth... Must be something at high speed, which makes me think it is the belt tension. On the tailrotor toothed gear(on the tail shaft) I can move the belt left and right? Is this to loose? If I hold the tail blades still and then turn the main gear it does jump, I wouldn't say very easy though. I do get some vibrations when hovering, but that could be the blades, I haven't balanced them... Only slightly like the canopy ends shake, could this be the belt then? Thanks guys, I chopped up some of my posts from another forum, I want to get it fixed soon! Thanks again!
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My understanding is you should not be able to get the belt to jump if you are holding the head and trying to turn the tail rotor. The pulleys should all turn freely, you might want to take that one that stops and check the bearing, lube it or replace it. Too tight is as bad as too loose as well. I have mine just tight enough to prevent skipping.
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As a former Dragonus flier I can help here.

The two red pulleys need to be smooth in operation as they guide the belt down through the boom and also help with the tension. If for instance one of these red pulleys bearings are sloppy or tight then this will effect the belts operation.

You mention a lot of fibres inside the canopy and around these pulleys and so I'd say the one you can feel isn't smooth is causing you the problems, in this case rubbing the belt as it runs past it essentially wearing it away. If not fixed this will slowly wear the belt down until it perhaps snaps one day.
Also check to make sure the belt is not rubbing in any other places, this could also be the case if the above red pulleys are not holding it inline enough and the belt can alter it's path of travel.
I'd say this is the area giving you the problems and should be inspected/stripped down and repaired.
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