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Default More appreciation.

It's almost my 57th birthday, that and Christmas tell me, Let the 500 build begin, and judging by the stability of my 1st build 450, (due entirely to Finless Bobs creative genius in sharing the info necessary) I'm sure it will be a complete success. Thanks so much. This is truly great stuff.
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Default Ball Links

Question on the ball links on the Trex 500e build, should they be rather stiff? My 450s are very floppy and loose, but none of the 500 ball links are that way. What can I do to loosen these up?
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Im building 500e but when i connect the esc to battery, motor, reciver etcits beeping as it should, but ther is no power to rx, servoes etc

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Default Thanks Finless Bob!!

My first heli build, a trex 500 went very well thanks to Bob's videos. I really appreciate the help!! There are so many things he points out that the manual doesn't. Definitely watch his videos if you are a new builder! My 500e flies great!
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