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Default MicroHeli Hop Ups

Anyone have anything bad or good to say about the Microheli alu uppgrades to the 300 x?
I'm thinking about bying parts to bling up my heli.
Or should i stick to the alu parts fro Horizon?
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I would give most of the Blade hopups a miss... expensive and usually not as good as the plastic bits. There are plenty of threads here regarding the swash and tail case in particular.

If you have to bling it... go for one of the others... Lynx, Microheli, KDE etc
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I've been testing Microheli upgrades for months and all the released parts have performed well.
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just the Lynx or Asteriod design frame stiffener, and the microheli main gear hub with one way bearing. I've mentioned before on other threads how my Jesus bolt one day broke inside the shaft because there's no one way bearing and alot of pressure is put on it when the heli is spooling down.
Just because it's metal and has thrust bearings, I'd also recommend http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tarot-Thrust...item460a22629e
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