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Default Set up in Heli mode

I have my QX set up in acro mode on my dx6i. When I hit the flaps down switch to go to acro mode it works fine but if I flick the switch back up it stays in acro mode but I lose all cyclic control (mode2) I then have to flick it back down to get back to auto stabilization mode and regain cyclic control. I'm sure I have set this wrong but I hear some people have set it up in Heli mode giving the ability to use throttle hold! As well as setting the 2 flight modes to the flight mode switch. Can anyone provide some info on how this is done?
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AUX1 (the heli pitch channel) is used for the stability/agility toggle, so you would need a flat zero pitch curve and then maybe you can assign the gear channel to a switch and mix it into AUX1. F-mode and TH would be as normal.

Edit: thread here:

The settings there use IU with a flat high pitch curve to make the f-mode into a stability/agility switch. Not quite what you're looking for. I think DX6 can mix so my idea might work. No DX6 to test sorry lol
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