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Default 6v or 7.4v for longer lasting servos

I was told by a heli model shop owner that HV servos (7.4v) generally have a shorter lifespan than 6v servos and so he recommends 6v servos in general. Granted, 6v servos will not have the same specs as HV servos but he said he can live with the 0.xx seconds slowness in speed which is imperceptible but to the very top tier pilots.

Any truth to all this? Should I be looking more at servos designed for 6v inputs rather than 7.4v if I want longer lasting servos? Is it really worth paying the premium for 7.4v servos when 6v will suffice?

I personally am keen to try out 7.4v servos but not sure if the price point is justified when many 6v servos have very similar specs, perhaps slower by 0.02-0.03 seconds
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It doesn't effect servo life in my experience. The servos might technically last longer but we are talking about 5 years vs 4 type of stuff. You will be changing the servos long before the effects of HV will effect them.
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Hv for servos are driven by marketing hype, i have enough evidence its not noticeable in flight from various sources including top tier pilots. If you want to use straight lipo pack for pwr supply it makes sense, otherwise you are fine on 6v
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