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Default mostro pictures

found a few actual mostro pictures here . .still dont know why if the heli is coming out soon that full detail pictures are such a big secret.sorta a bad selling point
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Jason Bell
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I asked the company and this is what they replied:

"Hi Jason,

It's not that pictures or videos are a secret it's that instead of posting several versions as the final production version is done we want to post only pictures or videos of the final production version that people will get in their kits and those be the only pictures that go around the net.

Doing so minimizes having to explain over and over why some earlier pictures that people find in some site are different than others. When people see the official pictures they will see all the features and not wonder if this or that feature that they're not seeing an early picture are included in the kit when in fact that feature might have been already added in a revision before release.

We think we're done as far as that is concerned and the final production version is being machined so the pictures we will be posting next week will be the final version that go in the kits.

Hope this explains it."

There you have it.

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I think that explains it pretty well
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I hope the 2nd stage pinion is not aluminium as it looks in pictures, it will wear just like SAB
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crash at 42
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Gotta love the avant girls
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Originally Posted by crash at 42 View Post
Gotta love the avant girls
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Puttputt maru
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I think that we have no pictures of the monstro because all the reps want to do is take pictures with the avant girls not the helicopter
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Do the Avant girls rub your shoulders if you crash your Avant?
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Default mostro pictures

I want an Avant shirt with Mostro and the Avant girls.
helism th
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