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Default Newbie can't get Walkera 52 off the ground

Hello everyone,

I'm a total newbie to this stuff. Started with a Walkera 5G6 and moved on to a 5#10 and decided to move on to a Walkera 52. My problem is getting this darn thing off the ground. At nearly full throttle it hasn't moved an inch and just before I'm at the max it lifts a few inches, flies to the left and comes straight down. I've tried trimming, checked that my servos were at a 90 degree angle, blades appear straight. Any reason why I can't get a slower response from this little maniac?
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Walkera Can Only Fly When They Include Better Quality Electronics In The Kit.
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it probably just needs more pitch I would turn the ball links on the blade grips out one turn at a time to make them longer that will add more pitch do one turn at a time if it gets better do one more till it hovers fine.
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Walkara can only fly when you hold it up with a wire in the tree. I payed $350 for my walkery before and I could never lift it up the ground so I decided to throw it away and bought a t rex 450 and realy happy with it.
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go through finless,s setup vids and first make sure pitch is rite if pitch is rite then its a power issue, motor,battery or ESC.

none of the RTF helis so to speak are ready to go. you need to go through it and set it up [tune it properly]
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One way to know if your pitch is wrong in your blades, among many ways but this way is easy if you know nothing about blade pitch, is when you've been spinning it up, more than half throttle do you feel the wind of the blades above the heli or below the heli? I remember way back when, my first CP heli, i started it up in my basement, and noticed nothing was blowing around on the ground, and looked up and saw dust blowing around on the ceiling in the basement. A silly but easy way. It means your blades pitch is wrong, like somebody else said, follow "finless setup". Oh and I fly my Walkeras just fine... You just have to have a good arm for throwing them.. LOL Just kidding, my 52 flies just fine.
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