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Default TREX 550e servo issues!!!

I have just brought a second hand trex 550e. It all seems ok, And I have rebulit it to make sure that tread lock and a screws are tight. I brought a Futaba T8J with a Futaba R2008SB receiver. I have followed the instructions in the manual on how to connect the servos ESC and tail gyro, although I have only conected aileron, elevator, pitch. My swash plate is a HR3 120. everything is in the right place, but only aileron and elevator move! Pitch does not move at all, but the is nothing wrong with the servo or receiver as I have changed them around and they work in different positions! Can anyone please advise what I need to do, as I am at a complete loss.

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I would start by looking at the monitor screen of the radio if it has one. It will show what is being sent to the receiver. I suspect the radio may not be setup properly. If that is ok and you know the servos are good perhaps the receiver's pitch port is dead.

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Yes, the radio does have a monitor screen, go in it and see what's going on.

What's your channel mapping? It could be the pitch servo is plugged into the wrong port.
Anyway here ya go
1 Ail.
2 Elev.
3 Throttle
4 Rudder
5 Gyro
6 Pitch
7 extra
8 extra

Or if FBL, see if the gyro has S-bus input port and try going from Rx to Gyro via S bus. Much cleaner (just the one wire) and perhaps if the physical channel itself is toast it "might" work. If it does, please let us know for future reference.

Hope this helps some.
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