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Default nano vs mcpx bl or trex 150

Hi guys

ok I returned to helis early summer , been having loads of fun, I bought a little nano to get started , then a trex 450 , then a 550 .. lol..

In the last three or four weeks the weather hasn't been very good or I have been working , so haven't managed to get out with the bigger heli's , so have been getting my time in with the nano ..

Now I want to buy a new toy , it been two months … I have been thinking about getting a mcpx bl as I find the nano seems to lack a little and I seem to struggle to flip it inverted in smaller spaces , out side is fine , it just doesn't seem to flip like the lager heli's which can flip and roll in one spot … so thought that the mcps bl might be my answer ??

was wondering if any of you guys have experienced both and can relate to this, .. But I have just seen that there is a trex 150 coming out .. now this looks like it will be in direct comp with the mcps bl … do you think I should wait and see what there going to be like ..

it just that I would like something else to fly indoors when the weather isn't great , but would like it to flip and roll a bit more like what I'm use to .. I have found it a little frustrating …

thanks guys … lol
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Thumbs up

the bl is a great heli , can take crashes very well. lots of power, no good for inside. but if your not in a hurry it be nice to see what the 150 trex looks like. there 100 was a flop. xmas coming up who knows maybe blade has a new micro comming out. hope so but you will like the bl. needs solid tail boom . airtime skids. swash upgrade lots of batts.
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The mCPX BL is a fantastic heli IMO. It almost flips on one spot, personally I'm struggling with accurate hovering rolls because the tail kicks just enough to destabilise it. Still much better than the nano and I can flip it within a height of about 8 inches with maximum throttle and maximum rates (125%).

I'm curious about the T-Rex 150. People are saying the current 250 DFC is amazing when you put decent electronics in it.

The mCPX BL is excellent bang for the buck though. I'd get it with 5 extra batteries and a small mobile charging solution (small 50 W charger and a 3S LiPo as power source).
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My experience with the BL is it's not an indoor helicopter. Maybe if you're a really experienced stick banger you can do tricks next to a big screen and under a cieling fan, but I'm not there yet.

The BL can be flipped in one spot but it's a lot harder to do. No weight so no inertia holding it in place to hide sloppy work. If you're little off the heli is shooting off in one direction or another. In that sense it's probably a really good practice helicopter.

The way I challenge myself indoors is F3C precision type things with an mCP X. It's surprising how difficult that can be with a tail heavy mCP X.
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interesting guys , I would like something that flips tight like my bigger heli's the nano just seems to be missing something , I'm guessing that a nano bl would be the best of both , but I don't really want to be doing that mod, sham they haven't released a Bl version

is the mcpx bl really not that good indoors ? if I was going to get another out door heli think it would be the 450L
Dx9, Blade Nano ,Trex 450pro ,Trex 550L , Trex 700
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Don't get the MCPx. It's just such a small disk, the 150 or the 130x will fly 10 times better. They're not for indoor but the 130x I find to be a ton of fun. I have no fear with it (my friends I'm tlaking about), easy to fly, very durable, flies really, really good. Can flip in one spot no problem, can do tic-tocs, hurricanes, piro loops, piro flips.. Tried it all out. VERY nice little booger. A few must upgrades but they're well worth it! I have a MCPx and it's a nightmare. Can't really do any 3D with it except hurricanes, flips which are more like loops ect. Much more twitchy than the 130x ect. I'd say the 130x is a waay better machine. Very good for outdoors. Perfect for the backyard to do loops in and all kinds of 3D. Handles the wind very well. Also a really small difference in price which is very well worth it.
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none of those are going to be indoor helis unless you have an indoor gymnasium or a big ass house. The BL is pretty much for outdoors, its fast as hell and is extremely capable of 3D so not sure what the above poster is talking about unless he's talking about an mcpx V2 which would hold correct but its nothing of the sort like a BL. The nano should be the best of what your looking for honestly but nothing with a very small disk will hold like anything bigger and theres nothing you can do to a small disk heli to make it like a big one, the 130x is the closest but is somewhat fragile and is for outdoors also.

Im very curious now on the 150. If you get a blade you better get 2 or 3 of them so you can use parts when they crap out on ya. Most end up with a ton of money into any Blade but most of us probly do with any heli for that matter. If you crash dont get a 130 unless you like to work on it constantly. the BL can be crashed 50 times a day and you may never need to touch it if you hit TH and fly over grass.
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