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Old 05-22-2005, 06:12 PM   #1
Tristan Buhler
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Default Tree Hugging and Swimming

After flying a heli and plane can get boring, expecially if its a trainer, avistar. So to get the normal heli rush I was seeing how low and how fast I could get inverted. Well I was making inverted circuits and ended up clipping a tree. Made a thumb but it was still flying. I pulled out of it and was on down wind when my engine cut(out of fuel to) so i turned back up but was short of the runway anyway. I set it down in the bushes/ grass. Next thing I see is a splash. I could not believe it. 3 bad things in a row. Luckly the tree did not damage it to bad and mostly the landing gear only was in the water. The monokote was ripped and the leading edge had a little dent but the motor started up again and it has flown some more.
-Tristan Buhler
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Rick Rotorhead
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Wow, thats real unlucky, but could have been worse. Lightning strike before you could retrieve it or a small meteor rock zeroing in hee hee. Yeah its strange how events conspire against you at times.
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