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Default TRM VX275TT with Quickdraw from Austin Heli Fest 4-5-2014

Toxic Al has been working on a new configuration and displacement engine that can be bought as a complete unit but also can be bought as an upgrade kit for any of his VX 270TT motors.
We have been testing a production version of this for about 4 months that is performing quite well in numerous configurations. By that I mean we have tested it with a conventional RJX muffler and it performs great with a head speed of 1950 (13,450 RPM). I have a nice video of it with the RJX that I will post soon but for now I will post the video I have of the same engine with the Quickdraw Pipe and a 6" silencer. In this configuration it is running at 2150 HS in a hover and pulls down to about 2100 under full collective (14,500 RPM) In this video Mitch has it set at 12.5 degrees of pitch running Cyclone 695 blades. As for engine cc the stock 270 is 25.4cc and this configuration is 26.3cc. ( A stock 231 is 22.5cc for reference)
We have tested everything from the stock 22.5 a 29.5cc configuration and after flying the poop out of this particular engine this weekend Mitch said it has more power than any of our other test configurations.

More importantly than the power Al has spent many hours balancing this configuration to minimize vibrations. To quantitatively measure whether the vibrations are better, I have downloaded vibration logs from the Vbar on multiple flights from all the engine configurations and nothing comes close to the smoothness of this particular configuration.

Here is the video of one of our flights from last Saturday... You be the judge...

Whiplash Gasser with TRM VX275TT and Quickdraw Pipe (5 min 20 sec)

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Looks real strong, can't wait to get mine flying.

TRM Power
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Default Looks good

But hard for me to judge with small blades and a tuned pipe. I keep thinking about trying a larger motor myself but I seem to do OK with the 27 for what I'm trying to get done. Maybe I can get the wifey to film some stuff with my 27 and put it up to see how it compares on video to the other stuff that's out.

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Holy crap! I can't wait to get mine broken in either! That is a very strong motor!
Gasser Mike

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Thumbs up

Looks great Doug and "Well Done Al" for this most recent 275 motor. I can definitely echo what is being observed in this video as to the power it's delivering.

I got a chance this afternoon to run my VX275TT on the Quickdraw pipe and WOW, it really is stronger than the first version that I had previously run in my Whiplash. As Doug has posted, I also noticed the difference while running it in on the RJX muffler. And very smooth to boot.

Your gonna love yours Tom
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