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Default WARNING: HDX-450SE


Several of you have been helping me with a tail rotor problem that has now resulted in 3 seperate loss of tail rotor events, all resulting in crashes.

Just recently I rebuilt the HDX for the third time and commenced the usual process of tracking blades, etc. On my second battery pack, I stood back the usual distance of around 40 feet or so and commenced some piro manuevers which it seemed to handle just fine. Secondly I tried som FF which also unveiled no problems. Near the end of the pack I brought the HDX back in and commenced some pitch pumping manuevers to which the tail rotor gave out again. I know for a fact that the tail rotor was sound as was the GY-240 gyro. A third and final post crash investigation revealed that during hard collective manuevers the tail rotor drive gear (the large one beneath the main gear) can actually flex far enough to contact the frame. Additionally, this gear can flex far enough to actually disengage from the tail rotor drive pinion. The only way to get the two gears to reengage is to slow the rotor system to a speed that will allow it to resync or mesh.

To date teh HDX has been an incredible ship that has on numerous occasions proven to outfly and outlast (maintenance wise) the Trex. Any owner of this ship should give careful inspection to the manner in which the lower gear and tail rotor drive gear mesh. I worked with Sonix to get the tail rotor drive shaft redesigned and look forward to a remedy for this as well. Growing pains I guess.

Good luck!
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