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Default EbarV2 Basics

EbarV2 Basics
Start with a new model in your TX.
Choose Helicopter type
Choose swash type h-1 or single servo
Next verify you have all of the plugs installed correctly in the ebar and rx (normally you leave the servo 4 or tail servo unplugged until you go into the ebar and set the correct frequencies)
Mounting Menu
Then you need to power up the tx, then the ebar and set it to match your radio. If you are using a full rx then you will choose normal. Spektrum sat should choose KDS/JR or Futaba sbus is sbus
Next you need to select the correct type of swash that is on your heli.
And then choose the orientation. Label up and wires to the front is front or wires to the back is back
I recommend now turning everything off then back on and moving the sticks. Verify all control surfaces move the correct way. Use servo reversing in the transmitter to change anything that is not. After all is moving correct verify the gyro is compensating the correct direction by tilting the helicopter. The swash should move opposite of the tilt. If it is not then you can reverse aileron and elevator in your tx. And then go into the ebar and reverse servo 1,2 or 3 as needed. (Servo Menu) Once again verify direction and compensation is correct.
Now you will power down and on again. This time you will look for the swash to bounce once or twice. If it is twice then go into your tx and reverse the pitch direction, you will also need to go into the ebar menu under controls and change the pitch direction here.
Cycle the system again and observe for the 1 bounce. If good verify pitch input moves the swash the correct way and that all servos and compensation movements are correct.
Monitor Screen
Now you should power down and on again.
Go to the monitor screen in the ebar and all numbers should be zero. Even if they are you need to verify you have calibrated centers perfectly. So go into the tx and go to the sub-trim menu. Start with Aileron and begin moving the subtrim for Aileron in the radio (not the trim on the tabs on the front of the radio, You should be in the internal menu or the tx under subtrim) Begin moving the aileron number until you get to zero. If already at zero move if 1 click at a time until you see 1 or -1. Now begin going the other way slowly and counting the clicks until you see the opposite 1. Divide this number in half and go back that many clicks. This is the true center. Repeat for every line: Ail,Elev,Rudd,Pit. (tip for pitch. Go into the tx menu under monitor and move your pitch stick until the tx monitor screen says zero. Leave the stick in that position and go back to the subtrim menu and do the same as the others.
Next you need to go the the End Point or ATV menu. You should still be in the ebar monitor screen. What you are doing now is moving each stick in one direction. And then increasing the corresponding end point so that you see 100 in the ebar monitor. This could be a different number for each one in the tx. What is important is that the ebar reads them as zero and 100 in every direction.
Now you are calibrated. (This will eliminate any drift as now the tx and ebar are speaking the same language.
On to mechanical stuff now.
Controls Menu
Go to the controls menu line 3 in ebar. When your cursor is over this it will lock your cyclic servos at what it thinks is zero pitch. So now you need to install the servo arms as close to 90 degrees as possible. If they are not perfect itís ok. Get them as close as possible.
Servo Menu
Now go to servo menu in ebar and start at line 5. This is the subtrim for the servo 1. You can move this number up and down until the arm is perfectly 90 degrees. Repeat this for each servo. 1,2,3 line 5,6,7 in the ebar
Now you are getting close.
You will now need a swash leveler and a pitch gauge.
Cycle everything off then on.
Controls Menu
Remove the head of the helicopter.
Go to line 3 in controls menu (this will lock servos at zero pitch.)
Install the swash level and adjust linkages until the swash is perfectly level.
Remove the swash level and install the head.
Use a pitch gauge. (Normally I start with the head 90 degrees to the tail. Zero the pitch gauge on the tail boom or a flat part of the heli running from front to back.) very important not to move heli now and to make sure head is 90 to tail boom.
Verify pitch is Zero. If not adjust upper linkages to make perfectly zero.
It is possible that you may need to move swash up or down. If so you will need to repeat the early steps to level the swash. It may take a few times but making it perfect will reward you with a heli that will pirouette perfectly with no drift or wobble.
Now we need to set the positive and negative pitch range.
Cycle everything off and on
Make sure you motor is unplugged. Place the transmitter in Idle up or in a mode that you have a linear 0-100 pitch curve.
Start in the controls menu on line 3.
Have your heli level and pitch gauge installed with blades 90 to boom.
Move tx pitch stick all the way up . Nothing should move. Now move the cursor in the ebar from line 3 to line to. The swash will jump up. Read pitch. Move the cursor back to line 3 and it will jump to zero. Read pitch gauge to verify. Now move tx pitch stick all the way down. Next move cursor from line 3 to line 2. Swash will jump down. Read pitch gauge. Depending on the model and what head etc you have the next steps may change.
For instance if one of the directions you have a number you are happy with. Like 12 or 12.5. and the other direction was close like 1-2 degrees. I would just go in my transmitter under end points and adjust the end point to make the other the same. If your range is not enough either way you can increase or decrease the total range by changing the number under controls menu line 2. You may need to repeat these steps a few times to get everything perfect.
After this you will move your head were one blade is over the tail boom. You need to reset your pitch gauge for this orientation. You will move the cursor to line 4 and read the pitch gauge. Normally you want to adjust line 4 to get 8 degrees here. If you are a very aggressive flier you might like 9 better. You can change to suit your style.
At this time I recommend going down to line 5 and changing the expo to zero. If you want to use expo use it in your radio.
Tail Adjust
Read the specs on your servo. If you are unsure what numbers ask. And set the pulse and freq correctly. Now it is safe to plug the tail servo in.
You will now want to go to the monitor screen in the ebar. This will disable the gyro and allow you to place the tail servo horn on at 90 degrees.
Go back to the tail adjust menu and scroll down to line 4. Move your rudder stick completely in one direction and adjust the corresponding number in the ebar until you get maximum travel that direction. Repeat for the other direction. Look at the two numbers in the ebar. They should be with 15 of each other. If not you need to adjust the tail linkage rod or if you donít have enough adjustment move the servo horn slightly one direction or the other. Now re-check tail travel and adjust as needed.
At this time I recommend going down to line 9 and changing expo to 0. Again if you want expo use it in the radio.
Now your heli is setup. Any and all tuning adjustments are made in the ebar module. If you want to increase tail gain you change the number 6 under tail adjust menu. If you need swash gain you change the number 2 under Fly Mode.
Most people are using a number from 80-95 for motion. Adjust to your flying style.
If you want more or less pitch you just change the number 2 under controls. Since you made everything perfect in setup this number will add or remove the same amount of positive and negative pitch at the same time.
If you want the pirouette rate faster or slower just raise or lower the number 7 under tail adjust.
If you want the tail to stop harder or softer. Change letter A or B under tail adjust.
You probably get the point now.
Hope this helps. If you have more trouble let me know.
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Default Swash Mix

My swash plate is perfectly level at mid stick, @zero pitch, because it is manually adjusted. But slightly out, not level at low and high stick. How do I adjust it, so that it is always level on the whole stick range?
Any help is very much appreciated. is offline        Reply With Quote Quick reply to this message
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Oh well.. Looks like there's NO support here. Forget the KDS eBar v2! I switch to MSH Brain 2! The KDS eBar v2 is UP FOR SALE! is offline        Reply With Quote Quick reply to this message
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Here is a link for the setup on the E-Bar V2
KDS EbarV2 (setup video) (32 min 41 sec)

Hope this helps
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