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HBFP V1/V2 E-Sky Honey Bee V1 & V2 Fixed Pitch

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Default Modified HBFP Windy Flying

Below are a couple of my flights from last evening flying my modified HBFP. My setup:

- Slo-Max 300 Main Motor w/10T Pinion and Heatsink
- GWS DD Tail Motor (CN12-RXC) - No Heatsink
- GWS Tail Rotor Housing and Vertical Fin
- GWS Tail Rotor Adapter w/4530 Prop
- Stock E-Sky Servos
- Super Skids
- Spektrum AR6100 Rx
- E-flite 3-in-1
- Esky 0704A HH Gyro
- Kyosho M24 Blades
- Commonsense RC 2S 800mAh 10C Lipo
- Esky Honey Bee King II Canopy
- Spektrum DX7 Tx

As you can see, the conditions were very windy. The winds were a steady 10mph with gusts to 15mph according to a local weather station about ĺ a mile from the flying location. Though, I would say that some of those gusts were in the 20mph range. Just to give you some perspective on the wind, the wind was blowing from my right to the left. You can see this by how the heli accelerates rather quickly when flying in this downwind direction. That little HBFP was really moving!

Flight #1 was short because I decided to land and make some trim adjustments. Flight #2 ended up being short because at 0:43 into the video, the heli decided to make 2 Ĺ CW piros for no reason at all. Talk about a surprise! I suspect itís a gyro (E-sky HH Gyro) problem because my GWS DD tail motor only had 8 flights on it and if the the tail motor was cutting out, the piros would have been in a CCW direction. Iíll have to investigate the problem tomorrow.

Anyway, I had a great time. OhÖI almost forgot. I want to dedicate these two videos to the guy (who admitted that he had never flown a heli, but has been flying airplanes for 35 years) at my LHS that told me that fixed pitch helis are junk, arenít real helis and canít be flown in more than 5 mph winds. I beg to differ.

Flight #1
Modified Honey Bee FP flying in gusty 10-15 mph winds (2 min 54 sec)

High Quality -

Flight #2
Modified Honey Bee FP flying in gusty 10-15 mph winds - #2 (2 min 0 sec)

High Quality -
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Magic! Lovely setup on your heli! I love my little HBFP more and more . I hope that you already put this onto a cd for the guy at your LHS;
All the very best, Martin.
"Nill synapsis footle wurbble"

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There's no way you could have been flying that in that wind! No way!! I think your putting a hoax on us! I Demand an investigation!!

(Ok, you know I'm joking.... nice flying little heli.)
Mike N
Dallas, TX
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Thanks for the nice words, guys. I really enjoy flying the HBFP. Sure, I own a HBK2 in which I fly, but the HBFP still gets the majority of my stick time. As a matter of fact, I flew four packs in 8-10 mph winds this afternoon. I did end up crashing due to that uncontrollable CW pirouetting problem I mentioned above. I think I have the problem nailed down to a defective E-Sky HH gyro. We'll see because I just replaced the E-Sky gyro with a Telebee HH gyro. Hopefully, that solves the problem.

Anyway, I mean't to say that as I progress up to the larger helis, I'm sure I will always have an HBFP in my fleet. Stress-free flying at it's best.
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Guess your LHS guy has never seen a Compy 300 BD or a Freestyle FP conversion..

Ignorance is bliss I guess..

sounds like our LHS guys also..

Idiots think the only helis in the world worth a darn are real Trex 450s and Blade 400s..
both being the only 2 they sell.. Coincidence? I think not..

I adore my Freestyle HBFP. it flys like its got an autopilot its soo smooth with the belted tail and the ARC130 in it.

With the compy flat bottom woodys on it you can totally fly in 10mph winds.
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