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BlackHawk D227

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Default Shogun equip suggestions

New guy here

Being this forum has a lot of you are flying either a shogun or zoom I wanted to know what kinda set up you guys are using. I just got a Shogun V2 belt drive and its my very first bird and I want a decent set up without paying thur the nose.... transmitter and servos and so on.

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BlackHawk D227
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Default Thanks for the heli

lol thanks for all the help I guess this is a dead area or subject
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Sometimes it takes a while for people to reply on this forum, but usually someone will pitch in and help out a bit.
I have a Shogun V1 and a Century 3d Pro. Im using a Hitec Optic 6 transmitter, which is outstanding value for the money in my opinion. Everyone says get a Futaba, and their right, but you also pay more. Long term Futaba makes sense, but for your first go at heli's, until your sure your comfortable in sticking with the hobby, I would get the Hitec. It will do everything you need it to.
As far as servo's, again for micro heli's, Hitec are the best bang for the buck. Dont waste your time or money on HS55's, as they strip gears VERY easily. I never used a HS50 on the tail, but many do, and many have them crap out as well. HS56 all round is fine for starting out and still having very good control. Later on you should upgrade the tail servo to something faster, ideally a digital servo as the quality as well as speed is there. You get what you pay for.
For gyro, I would definately go Futaba, either a GY240 or a 401, 240 is cheaper and gain cannot be adjusted remotely by your Tx. 401 is Better in the long run, but also costs more.
Receiver, Im still experimenting here, so a search through the forum would be highly recommended to see what people have been using reliably.
You'll need a 20-25 amp ESC, Im using a Quark 22amp, but many use the Phoenix 25 with a lot of success.
I would not go cheap with Lithium battery packs, buy the best you can afford, and get at least 3, but 4 is better, as you can charge one as you fly the other 3, and by the time you get through those your first pack should almost be finished charging.
I highly recommend the Thunder Power Pro lite 3s 2000mah. Nice and light, high quality, and comes with a cell ballencer lead as standard. Ballancing your packs regularly WILL make them last longer, so get a cell ballancer as well. The money you spend on one will pay for itself in the long run.
Thats it from me, I hope you have success with your new heli, and a lot of fun
If you bling it, they will come!!
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My advice is to go to your local heli site and get a new or used Raptor or what ever all the guys are flying. That way you get the real help you need. A shogun as stable as it is is only as stable as the set up just like the 30 size 2 stroke. BUT the larger 2 stroke heli has more mass and is more stable.
There are so many things to be out of whack with a heli that could ruin your efforts.
Get the favorite radio/reciever in your area and the favorite heli. To learn to hover takes very little power or No Bling. How much power do you need to be able to flip inverted and do backwards figure 8'S? Orientation is the key ,,not power or brand,,,get help in your area! Nashville must have loads of heli guys.
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