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Hurricane 200 Discussion and support of the Gaui Hurricane 200

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Default Wow! I'm really starting to enjoy flying this..

I've had my 200 about a week now and to be honest, it's quite a bit of pain staking trial and error so i've found with this heli.

I had numerous problems with vibrations and quite honestly my ignorance and inpatience didn't help with the matter. Lots of bits kept breaking and I couldn't get a whole battery of flight from it without something going wrong. I've now rebuilt my heli with the shaft drive conversion, a few other small upgrades ( along with rebuilding my T-Rex 500 with TT ) and have tried to balance the head to as best as I could.

Wow! That was my impression. Once setup right this heli is a little diamond, it is very fast and outruns my skills currently.

Just a few more tweaks and I reckon it will handle flips... loops ok, but still need some gyro tweaking.
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Sweet! Yeah I too find this little guy to be very finicky and temperamental. When she's happy, man does she perform like a star... when she feels like it's that time of the month, seems like nothing helps... Overall though, what a great heli!

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Ditto on Crabsters comments...

She's a keeper, but talk about high performance, and high maintenance.

I think I compared her to a Ducati 900rr once, that's about right.

Keep your Ferrari, I like this little Beotch!

Watch your bearings, and the mountings. I've had all kinds of fun with ball links as well, suggest you check them for play/tightness, and size as needed. And Locktite!, never forget!!!

3s is working well for me, I kept the weight down using <freaking amazing> Dymond servos and the 2100/3100 Logictec. Man, I'm way happy with this one... ...but check after every flight. I'ts always something.

I feel like I now own an F-16, with parts that cost pennies, but an effing overhaul every day ;-)

" be it, she's worth the time..."
"...owner of more cool stuff than the law allows, but this heli is magnificent..."
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It's funny how many owners of Gaui start these kind of threads. It is really a great bird.
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and we get you up here as well Cuzz, ;-)
tell me a good story, or adventture dude,
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