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I have a 75% complete Trex 600efl pro on my bench, and I lost a 3x5.5x0.3mm washer that goes on the bell crank screw. Bloody thing just disappeared. Where can I get one or do I need to buy a whole new bell crank for one washer. Can't find a washer that small on the net anywhere.
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Started working on my helis again, after the busy winter period. I didnít have time to post yet, so here we go, not many pics though.

Helping other club members also in fact, I repaired and tested a few 450s and a mCPX for example. Itís funny to see that some beginners donít even realize that a 0-25-50-75-100 % linear throttle curve for a CP heli doesnít fly very well, lol. So you have to check everything, the heli, the electronics, the whole setup, the TX settings and do a thorough test flight, otherwise the strangest things can happen.

As far as my own helis are concerned, a few things have been changed:

The Furion 450 still had the stock head, that was converted to FBL by myself when I build it. A few weeks ago, I decided to give it a Mikado FBL head, which is lower and should give it sharper cyclic behavior. And it worked out very well.

The Logo 600SE got another canopy, simply a bargain at a LHS.

The Airwolf Ė Logo 400 needed a small repair at one of the servoís, and while taking it out of the fuselage, I decided to return it to itís original form for now, no more scale for me. Hereís a pic of the larger helis, the Furion and Logo 400 are in front.

And the Logo 400 will serve my little boy well this year as his first ďbigĒ trainer at the clubfield. Talking about him, he does very well at the field. He flew the Blade 300X outside last weekend, in a moderate wind, and had plenty of confidence. Heís progressing so fast, you wonít believe. He also flew the mCPX outside in the wind, so high up that I couldnít tell which side was front or back, his eyes must be better than mine. And he even got a foam flying saucer from one of the club members that I helped, as a gift. He flies everything, last Sunday a total of 14 flights in a single afternoon. Thatís why I think he wonít have much problems soon with the 500 sized Logo. When flying a plane, we hook him up with a trainer cable between to transmitters, to assist him in take-off and landing.

Ok, what else ? Oh yeah, I got a full composite Aura 4 hotliner from another club member, again to thank me for helping him out. It is not the latest model, but has been used in competitions before, and very high quality. The owner didnít fly it anymore, he said heís to old for that kind of stuff. He knows I like to fly fast, heís seen many of my speedflights with the TDR, and said that this is the right plane for me, lol. It already has a German Plettenberg motor, ESC, servoís and a carbon foldable propeller. It only needs a BEC and a receiver, which Iím putting in now. The pack will be a 6S/3000mAh lipo, and the plane will probably draw around 50 amps. Should be a small rocket. Wingspan is 1,75 meter (5,7 ft). I hope to fly it in a week or so, once the setup has been done properly.

Thatís about it. The 1974 Huey Cobra is still waiting for further restoration, but thatís a project that is on the bottom of my list, thereís plenty of time to do that. Only one dream left now, and thatís building a real 800 size, not a stretched 700. Oh, and learning how to fly these damn things well.
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Raf, glad to hear your son is catching on so quickly! Bet he's just having a ball with it.

That plane is just screaming for an fpv system!
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