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Question Nitro newb needs help with throttle/engine setup!

I'll start out by saying that I've got several years of experience with rc helis under my belt but I'm a complete newb when it comes to nitro. I just finished building a Vibe 50 w/OS 50 Hyper and the whole engine/throttle setup has me a bit confused. Like I said earlier, I'm a newb to nitro so please bare with me!

My first question is at what throttle setting will the engine idle? Like in relation to the fully closed (triangular) mark on the carb... will the engine idle at the fully closed mark (don't think so but I could be wrong) or slightly above it?

On page 21 of the OS 50 Hyper manual it says to "fully retard the throttle trim lever and adjust the linkage so that the rotor is fully open when the tx throttle stick is fully advanced and fully closed when the tx throttle lever is fully retarded. The idle speed is then set by advancing the throttle trim lever to the point where the engine runs..." Is this how everyone does it or is there some other way?

The manual also says that when you start the engine, make sure that you have the throttle trim in the neutral position... that contradicts the part about advancing the trim until the engine idles...

if I'm leaving anything out that I may need to know please feel free to throw it in!

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Your idle setting really depends on the linkage mechanics, and the engine. Every engine is different, and every linkage setup is different.

Fully closed throttle IS fully closed. Heli engines do not have an idle screw.

If you have set up the linkage with no binding at high, and low, (With the trim all the way down) then center trim should get you fairly close to an idle.
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Try this (linkage setup), and this (throttle mixing).
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