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Default To buy or not to buy?

Okay, sooo........I've been flying a CX2 for about four months now and I'm feeling kinda confident in my skills learnt so far. I'm looking at moving up to a Blade 400, although I like the Trex 400, can't afford it right now during these rought times. My question is, ebay has a seller the sell a "bare bones" 400 with no electrics at all. I have a DX7 that I won on ebay, but I'm wondering if I should get this "BB" heli? I'd rather install better servos and electrics than what comes in the RTF set-up! Any ideas or recommandatons on what to do or purchase?

Thanks for the help!
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Difficult one.
The Blade will fly straight out of the box BUT you will find that you will probably want to upgrade the stock servos...then the gyro...then the tail servo but not necessarily in that order or all of those mods (servos are a definite if you are new to helis as crashes strip them). I have done all of the above mods and now don't need to go any further, it flies great and will take me to 3D stuff (when I get the balls and skill to try it ).
The Blade is a good value kit if you don't have a Tx already or don't want to build a heli yourself.

If you already have a Tx and don't mind building something then the Trex is probably a better route to go. My next heli will be a Trex but 500 or 600.

All this is dependent on how easy it is to get parts in your area, both are popular models so it shouldn't be a problem but it might be worth a check of your local hobby store to see what they stock.
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Another consideration, and the route that I'm taking, is to get the PNP version of the B400. It comes with everything in the RTF, minus the battery, TX, RX, and charger. I've already got all of that stuff. That way I'll fly it stock for a while until I decide to cough up the extra money for the upgrades, but I won't end up with an extra TX and I'll save a decent chunk of money.
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