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Default DX9

Anyone here flying 230s v2 with the DX9 transmitter? Is Dx9 a good investment if I am planning to move to bigger heli like 230s v2? I come across an used DX9 and is significantly cheaper than a new one. Any advice when buying an used transmitter? Thanks!

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Make sure it is not a DSX9 radio made by JR. Whilst they are an excellent radio, they lack some of the modern features of the later radios.
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What are you comparing the DX9 to? The RTF transmitter?

I used to own a DX6. Now I have a DX9 I do have a 230 S V2.

As far as channels are concerned the DX9 is the same as a DX6 because the AR636 receiver of the 230 S V2 is only 6-Channel. If a 230 S V2 is going to be your final heli, I don’t see any reason to get a DX9. A used DX6 would work. If you’re going to get a new DX6, might as well get a used DX9 instead. My two cents.

If there is a good chance that you will end up getting a kit heli (like Oxy or Goblin or one of those) then I wouldn’t hesitate getting a DX9. On my Oxys I use lots of switches and all the channels. I would feel limited if I had anything less than a DX8, and DX9 is just nice.

One thing I really like on my DX9 is that I can set custom voice announcements on my switches. So if I change dual rates/expo/banks i can have it shout out “bank 2” or “mid rates” or something. I don’t recall if my DX6 could do this. Maybe it could.

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Hi Jimmy,

ANY computer-made transmitter with a display which you can program for yourself and supports the Spektrum DSMx protocol will do.

Where do you fly? Club? Wild?
Do you need an insurance and/or special club membership?

The DX9 is a good intermediate+ transmitter when you want to use more than only 6 channels, supports the Airware programming and 0815 Clickibunti menus which should make your life (much) easier.

You will definitely benefit from it and better sticks using Micro/Nano helis like the Nano vs RTF Mlp6dsm/Mlp4dsm transmitter (I once got the Mlp4dsm with a 120SR and gave it back and got it again with an Inductrix RTF set....just horrible!).

You might like that you can download Blade/E-Flite .SPM programming files from Spektrum - The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology onto a SDcard and be 98-99% "ready to fly" (however, it is always a good idea to check models for yourself and try to understand what the Spektrum team did before you launch something into the air).

It also has transmitter HF antenna diversity (two).

Personally I always liked the look of the DX18/DX9 series...not so much on the newer black DX6G3/DX8G2 models.

I am just not sure if I would buy a DX9 because its limited 9 channels.
I call this HH "marketing".
You are simply not allowed to have 12-16 channels (like newer Graupner MZ12Pro, FrSky Taranis QX7(s), X9d,...).
Therefore I would probably not buy a new DX9 with that limitation personally (bigger heli and FBLs might want you to use all 12 channels for real time PID tuning,...).

I had the DX8G1 (silver) with the 1st edition Airware and it is IMHO a good heli transmitter with a 3-position flight-mode switch (+ throttle cut/hold).
I liked it until I had to sell it.

My personal replacement for my DX8G1 (with some limitations in the firmware; the DX18/DX9 Airware is a complete re-engineering with many more options, channel assignmens, switch selection, etc.) is a Walkera Devo 10 and I use the DeviationTX firmware.

It works with DEVO, NineEagles J6Pro and Spektrum DSM protocols out of the box (with DeviationTX; CYRF6936 chip).

I like it and I do not miss too many features and I tuned the sticks with black and longer "Spektrum DX8 after sales sticks"; I have the same nice tuning sticks in orange on my RealFlight elite InterLink USB transmitter.

The DeviationTX firmware has lots more features than the 1st Edition aireware from my Ex-DX8G1 (silver) but does not provide all those fancy Airware 0815 Clickibunti menus in advanced mode.
There is a limited heli standard menu option...but it has some definitive limitations (but you should be able to get it working with FBL; flybar CCPM 120 not so much without some dirty tweaks and direct model.ini editing).

DeviationTX is like OpenTX programming with free complex mixers and a complete free switch to channel assignments (2nd edition Airware on the DX9 went into that direction that you can freely reassign channel order).
If you are an IT / programming will love it.
If you are used to Graupner / Futaba / Spektrum programming menus maybe not so much or you need to take your time.

In the end, it all depends on the budget.

Besides DX9 or DX18 there may not be so many alternatives.
The Spektrum Android ix series costs much more...
Maybe a Graupner MX16/MX20/MC16/20 or something like that which internally supports the Spektrum DSM protocol (you just need a voltage module and a Spektrum HF-module from a DX4e/DX5e transmitter); I am not sure how the newer Graupner MZ TX series still supports DSM...

IMHO the newer 4-in-1 HF modules and OpenSource firmwares like OpenTX, DeviationTX or JumperTX (e.g Jumper T16) are the way to go if you want to fly a) XK K110/K120/K130 b) Bayang telemetry or FrSky Whoop quads c) Hubsan & Co. and d) Spektrum DSMx all in parallel.

Sadly to say, a DX9 will not allow you to do this...

It is all about the budget and how many channels you are going for.

You can even fly a Nano or 230s V2 CP heli with a DX6e TX :-)

Spektrum transmitter (Airware feature) comparison chart:

The lower you go (e.g DX8G2, DX8e, DX6G3, DX6e) less features (menus, e.g "absolute servo travel") will be available.
Personally I think those markting concepts are a bit "outdated".

But for a Graupner MZ16 you will pay much more (and we are back on this Spektrum DSMx protocol support thing...).

For my XK K110 I was comparing the Futaba T6j-T10J and T6K transmitter range (Futaba S-FHSS) lately.

I think you will definitely like the Nano CP stick feeling in agility/3d mode with a better computer transmitter (full DualRate+Expo support; throttle and pitch curve tuning).

Maybe you find an used heli Spektrum DX8G1 (silver) TX even much cheaper than a DX9?

I used to fly the NanoCPX, Blade 450 3D flybar, MPX EGP, Parkzone warbirds, StrykerQ, etc. but it this 1st edition Airware firmware that has some definitive limitations for planes/gliders so it MUST be much cheaper to get a DX8G1 than an used DX9.

Any questions?
Could I help you a little bit with your decision making process?

Throw the MLPxdsm RTF into the corner :-)

Or is the Mlp6 so much better than a Mlp4 TX with all the plastic sticks??? Hard to believe...

Best regards from Germany
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Walkera Devo 10/DeviationTX (12CH DSMx & telemetry)...Ex-DX8...Blade 4503D...Walkera V120D02s...XK K110...Blade 200QX quad...Ex-NanoCPX...Ex-120SR...StrykerQ (LEDs, M2 tuning)...Ex-MPX EGP...PPZ P51-D...PZ Wildcat (searching fuselage-firewall)

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